LEGO Star Wars 4492 Mini Building Set Star Destroyer

LEGO Star Wars 4492 Mini Building Set Star Destroyer

The entire lego 4492  Mini Star Destroyer was released in 2004 as part of the Star Wars mini-series. This is the only miniature Star Destroyer model to release a miniature set in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. 

Star Destroyers vehicles used the Galactic Empire and are named for their ability to destroy the entire stellar system. They include the lego mini star destroyer 65844 Star Wars Co-Pack and the Star Wars Co-Pack 65845 product set. 

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Lego star wars mini star destroyer-don’t miss

The first cut of the LEGO Star Wars II game: The Or Trilogy. Now lego star wars mini star destroyer the Imperial Fleet’s most powerful ship fits the palm of your hand! MINI Star Destroyer model makes a great addition for the Star Wars collection!

Catalog Name: 4492 Star Destroyer

Subject: Star Wars

Background: Mini building

Posted: 2004

Pieces: 87

Price: USD 6.99 / GBP £ 6.99

Minifigs: n / a

Note for lego 4492-try it

It’s a pretty crazy set and reasonably close to the real thing until the LEGO Star Wars Mini comes out. The main disadvantages are:

– The “wings” near the back can move even when they can’t

– There are no additional models that motivate you to buy the whole series (such as the TIE bomber or the Y wing in previous LEGO Start Wars Mini sets).

–  new dark gray colour

The colour theme is only a problem if you plan to mix the pieces with other dark gray pieces.

On the plus side, as all lego mini star destroyer sets are:

– Build fast

– It is cheap

– Easy to store / display due to its small size

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Star destroters are everywhere – make sure you are part of it!

Star Destroyer is built in a variety of shades of gray and has a wedge shape. The base of the vehicle has many dark gray components, such as 1X1 nails, air ducts, s and small plates mounted at regular intervals. 

A light gray binocular piece is placed on a gray plate, highlighted. The second part of the Star Destroyer, along the bridge, is an overhead section of dark gray plates at the rear of the vehicle. 

At the top of the plates is placed a square light gray section. Mini star destroyer run the Star Destroyer command! The strongest ship in the armed fleet fits in the palm of your hand!

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Final model of lego mini super star destroyer

Here is the working axis of the Imperial Fleet, all the glory of the Small Size! It is ready to hunt down your tiny Rebel boats and dismantle them.

Last words

Pros: Wonderful detail, and records the ship’s wedges pretty well.

Cons: The dark gray bit stands out a bit and really shouldn’t. An equal gray or white would be better, but that would make the set look a bit boring to the average joe.

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Overall: The original Star Destroyer set was huge and UCS is even bigger! Don’t want to break the bank? Install this tiny model that looks great on your desk.

Star Wars mini-cars allow users to create big movie scenes without spending thousands of dollars. Each new model has at least one special piece so you can’t copy exactly using other tracks in your collection.

The Star Destroyer is a great model and, for a mini, has a real sense of mass presence in its design.

The instructions are basically Lego formats and easy to follow lego mini super star destroyer. The finished construction is solid (though the two sloping sides can be slightly raised while they are on the hinges). 

There are no packaged instructions for combining parts of this model with others to create another Star Wars vehicle (some of the other series).

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