66596 Super Battle Pack - collection of fire

LEGO Star Wars 66596 Super Battle Pack 2 In 1 Includes 75206 Jedi & Clone Troopers & 75207 Imperial Patrol Pack, 1.54 Lb

Lego star wars Star Wars Super Pack 2 in 1including 75196, include 75206 Jedi and Clone Troopers speed combat in combat with Ki-Adi Mundi, Barriss Offee and clone troops. And the Imperial Patrol 75207 Battle Package contains galactic empires included in this Imperial Patrol Battle Package.

 Help the recruiting officer sign new soldiers to reinforce the imperial army. Lego star wars super pack 2 in 1 work with the immigration officer to remove unwanted civilians with the help of military forces and their accelerators. With the imposing battle, the series can be returned to space!

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Characteristics in lego star wars Star Wars Super Pack 2 in 1

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75206 Jedi and Clone Troopers and

75207 Papillon Imperial Battle Pack

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lego star wars 2 in 1 super pack

Design all types of vehicles, from a wheelchair to a horse and a basket, with the special LEGO® Classic 10715 roll bricks, featuring a wide variety of wheels and tires, different colours and sizes. 

This set includes a number of LEGO pieces, star wars super pack 2 in 1 such as bricks, shapes and eyes. From a skateboard or ice cream to a 4×4 caravan trailer, the Bricks on a Roll set will get your wheels of creativity!Drive your engine and jump over every obstacle in the powerful LEGO® City 60180 Monster Truck! Race around the pitch to create speed, then head to the ramp and hit the gas!

 Fires are on fire, will you jump? Get ready, set up and GO! Put your helmet on and race through the desert in this easy to make a runner. Quick win, but watch out for the scorpion! Turn it around, hit the gas and head for the finish line! This is another great race at LEGO® City City! Warning!

LEGO 2 in 1-star wars #66555 VS Star Wars Super Pack 2 in 1

Get two popular Star Wars packages in one package: the Rebel Trooper Battle Pack and the Imperial Trooper Battle Pack! Get your way, grab your Blaster and get ready for some serious LEGO Star Wars action.

Two famous Star Wars packages in one package! Imperial Trooper guerrillas and battle packs.

Includes speedboat with blaster stud, moat section w / cannon and walker w with laser cannons, blasters stud with extra ammunition

Includes (8) mini-figurines of eight-star cities: (4) Revolutionary troops, (2) Imperial death troops and (2) Storm soldiers

For girls and boys between 6 and 12 years

Number of pieces: 232

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75197 1st Class Special Battle Pack Send improvements to the 1st Class Special Battle Pack! Position the first-class Firefighter in place, mount the spring-loaded weapon, lego star wars 2 in 1 super pack and open the turret to reach the target. Track the cannon with a tough Stormtrooper first-order Exclusions and laser shafts. Can you defeat the Resistance? You decide …


75198 Tatooine Battle Pack Tattooine medicine repair with this Tatooine battle pack. Put the droid in the service vehicle and use the tools to fix it. But watch Tusken Raider! Shoot the beam shooters before it gets too close and send it running!

LEGO Star Wars 66597 Super battlefield 2 of 1 Contains 75198 Tattoos and 75197 Multicolor Special Package – B07H75D94G

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