Grab your Armored Assault Tank AAT 8018

LEGO Star Wars Armored Assault Tank AAT 8018

Leader of an army of fractured extremists, the lego star wars armored assault tank aat (AAT) is rapidly wandering the battlefield of stolen wars. With a heavy-duty laser cannon, rocket launchers, cockpit and turret hats, and an adjustable speaker, it looked irresistible until the Jedi Master Yoda arrived on the scene to turn the tide!

The Armed Forces Tank (AAT-1 or AAT) was a medium-sized suppressor tank, used primarily by the Federation of Commerce and the Confederation of Independent Systems to prioritize the rise of the Galactic Empire. The tank had front armor that allowed it to plow through the walls, and was heavily armed with a load of 57 shells. The tank required a crew of four battle droids to be fully operational and was able to carry six additional battle droids on the battlefield. Lego star wars armored assault tank or aat tank reactor and power equipment and communication were kept at the rear for protection.

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It’s all about -Lego star wars assault tank

The vehicle was created by the Baktoid Armor factories, with the most important parts at the rear. Tested by OOM pilot battle batteries, AATs were an important part of the Trade Federation ground forces. Lego armored assault tank were used to fight pirate soldiers in the outer soil before finally settling in the Naboo invasion of the Federation at 32 BBY. Ten years later it will be used extensively during the galactic clone wars between the Republic of Galicia and the Confederation of Independent Systems. Although AAT saw little action after the transformation of the Republic into the Galactic Empire at 19 BBY, these cases were very rare.


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The Attacked Armed Tank was a great vehicle. Lego star wars assault tank was reinforced with a thick front armor, which allowed it to lift the walls and have heavy weapons. He carried a cargo of 57 shells, but as soon as he was exhausted, AAT had to return to his carrier to completely replace the lower hull of his hull, completely filling his supply.

The reactor, along with the basic power and communication tools, are held behind for protection, as are many other Baktoid vehicles.AAT uses heavy load repulsors to keep it off the ground and push it forward. While this method is relatively fast, it is slow compared to the speed of Goo and Flash by Naboo, and ultimately GAT. Like other repulsorlift vehicles, the Assault Armed Tank does not penetrate the shields of the defender.

AAT launchers could be equipped with various ammunition. The three types of standard-issue ammunition were “thugs”, large explosive shells used to destroy enemy structures, such as jails. weapons casing used to penetrate heavy armor into tanks. and high energy shells for the use of personal vehicles and vehicles. which improved their penetration and reduced friction, thereby increasing speed.

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Lego star wars armored assault tank-lego aat tank can destroy an Attacked Armed Tank by throwing PMPs or explosive grenades at both the main French and the pilot’s hat. In addition, tanks are vulnerable to portable portable rockets, other vehicles, or Jedi with headlights.

Its staff consists of four combatants (a commander, a pilot and two cannons) and can also carry six B1 fighters with gloves out of the tank. , while cannons and pilots were placed in the main body of the tank. The guns operate in the same second explosion and are commanded by the commander in the main tower. Lego aat tank or droid planning only allows simple tactics, but the tank is still effective .

Prior to the most prominent use in Naboo Conquest, the AAT-1 was deployed by the Federation of Commerce in several outer Rim worlds, engaging them in battles against each other, to prove that they had both fought. even resist the alert. When the Naboo Conquest began, the AATs engaged in fierce fighting with army pirates, proving that the tank was ready for war. The approach to the Federation of Trade dictates that two AATs join a MTC.

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