Best of LEGO Star Wars Slave I 75060 Star Wars Toy

Make your child holidays better with LEGO Star Wars Slave I 75060 Star Wars Toy

The empire discovered Hoth’s secret hoth rebel base. Defend your lego star wars echo Base with snow speeders and firing laser turrets. But watch out for Imperial Probe Droids and Snow Troopers with Blaster Cannons. The limited edition set includes a detailed command center, rotary repair platform and crane and removable spare engine. 

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This includes seven LEGO mini figures, including Luke Skywalker, co-pilot Dak Ralter, two Hoth Rebel horsemen, two Imperial Snow horsemen, and a completely new K-3PO protocol droid.

 Star wars hoth echo Base is a settlement established by the rebel alliance on the Horror Planet of Strange Echoes after the Battle of Yavin, named for its strange sound. Less than a month after its establishment, a base was discovered by the Galactic Empire, which invaded the galaxy and forced the rebels to evacuate.

The hoth rebel base is carved from glaciers and connected by artificial corridors connected to structural supports, and the natural cave has been expanded to meet the needs of the Rebel Alliance. 

Protected from orbital bombing with a giant deflector shield generator and v-150 ion cannon, helping the Alliance evacuate bases during an attack. The base, designed to evacuate with a momentary notice, was built in a hurry, and often ice creatures flocked to the base overnight, closing various corridors. 

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Due to the method of construction of the slab-dab, in the electrical system of the base, one defective element can refuse heat up to half of the base. Nevertheless, soldiers at the outpost were better trained and trained than soldiers deployed elsewhere. In the cave’s ice hangar, this base was specially modified to work in harsh conditions and hosted a speeding agent that the rebels used to patrol and defend the outpost.

 When technicians struggled to match their speeds to the sub-zero temperatures of Hoth, the base had a flock of native provocative creatures for patrol and reconnaissance missions.

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Several sentry posts have been placed around the base, including Echo Station 3-T-8, Echo Station 5-7, Surrounding Outpost Delta and Outpost Beta. The outpost delta stood for northwest of the Echo base, but only 100 meters outside the base’s energy reserve.

Inside the Echo Base there were many important places for the rebels. At the base there was a large hangar where the rebel technicians kept countless speeds the Alliance could dispose of. 

The hangar opened outwards with a large door, which could be closed to protect the pedestal from solid waste. Most of the units slept in huge bunkers with hundreds of other bunkers and often had rations distributed. The medical bay contains a bacterial tank used to treat injured rebels and is supervised by a medical droid. 

Bhakta was used to heal when Luca Skywalker was injured in a wampa attack, and according to Han Solo, it seemed strong enough to pull the ears out of the gun darkness. The base also included a command center where the rebel echo base leadership coordinated the rebel activities, including rebel evacuation. 

Due to the base’s top secret traits, many soldiers fighting across the galaxy did not receive information about their location, but rumors that they were in an asteroid or underwater city spread like wildfire between the Alliance fleet. The ship going to the base was sent in a random path through the hyperspace, where new jump coordinates were sent to shake the possible empire chasers.

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In the early days of the Galactic Civil War, the rebel alliance base was built in the great temple of Yabin 4, the fourth moon of the Yavin planet. The Galactic Empire attempted to destroy the moon with Death Star, a space mobile combat station capable of tracking the rebels up to Yabin 4 and destroying the entire planet. 

The rebels began the battle for Yabin in an attempt to destroy Death Star, an incident performed by the rebel echo base pilot Luke Skywalker. The Death Star was destroyed, but the rebels evacuated the Great Temple because the empire knew where the Alliance was located. During evacuation at Yabin 4, General Jan Dodonna first found a new base. The rebels eventually decided to establish a new operating base on the ice planet Hoth. Less than a month before the empire discovered it.


Three and a half years after the battle of Yavin, Darth Vader searched for his son Skywalker, who traversed the galaxy. Vader’s fleet sent Viper probe droids to every corner of the galaxy, one of which was sent to Hoth. Vader believed that Hoh was the location of the rebel base and Skywalker was there, so he ordered his fleet as a snowy planet. 

When the rebel alliance found out that the empire had found its place, General Carlist Rieekan ordered the evacuation of the Echo Base, despite less than a month, by immediately applying the plan to zero. Not long ago, when a strategic meeting was held on Earth, several major members, such as Princess Leia Organa and General Carlist Rieekan, were still stationed in the world, and the rebels soon paved the base and tried to escape the transport. I wanted to have enough time before the empire arrived.

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