Best of LEGO Star Wars Storm Trooper 8008

LEGO Star Wars Storm Trooper 8008

Technic Stormtrooper realistic storm pilot moves and shoots! He stops, looks, aims and fires at your command! Work parts allow you to control the storm pilot’s arms with the rear wheels. Is the target in sight? Then fire your blaster across the room! Other moving parts include a head that moves up and down and a bent finger. C-3PO is sold separately. 


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Take control of the Galactic Empire through Technic Lego Star Wars technic stormtrooper. Revive your scary mechanical monsters with this lego storm troopers 8008 set containing 361 pieces. This Star Wars LEGO storm pilot comes with a missile launcher that actually fires a missile. This LEGO 8008 set monster has a movable head and fingers. In this Star Wars Lego, you can use the wheels on the back to control who or what this machine will shoot. Technic Storm Troopers guard you and explore the universe.

8008 Technic Stormtrooper is a set of Imperial Stormtrooper’s Star Wars TECHNIC. The set consists of 361 pieces. The set includes a missile launcher that can fire LEGO missiles (one is included in the set). If 8007 TECHNIC C-3PO hits the right place, it can explode. It also has arms, legs, heads and orange sculptures, and you can assign and designate a Storm Trooper as a squad leader.

The Storm Pilot is a fictional soldier of the Lego star wars technic stormtrooper  franchise created by George Lucas. The storm pilot, introduced in Star Wars (1977), is the main ground force of the galaxy empire, under the leadership of Emperor Palpatine and his commanders, especially Darth Vader and Grand Morph Takin. Storm pilots upgraded from The Awakened Force (2015) and Last Jedi (2017) perform their first order under the leadership of Snok’s top leader and his commanders, in particular, Kailoren, General Hus, and Captain Pasma. 

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Information of Wars Storm Trooper 8008-you can get easily

The battle order for Stormtrooper Corps is not specified in the Star Wars world. Along with the Imperial Navy, the storm pilot can be quickly deployed, responding to the state of civil unrest or rebellion, acting as a planetary garrison, and acting as a police region for the Galactic Empire. They are represented as group groups of various organizational scales, from squads to corps, and in some cases armor and training are modified for special operations and environments.

In the draft concept design of Star Wars and Ralph McQuarrie, the storm pilot was wielding a light sword and a portable shield with a common weapon, not limited to the Jeddah or the Sith. When composing background information in 1977, George Lucas mentioned that few people were stationed in the Death Star, but that women existed in the Storm Trooper Legion. He suggested that there were many other units.

The imperial storm pilot, introduced in Star Wars (1977), served as an army of the galaxy empire, establishing the imperial authority and quelling the rebellion. 

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In the movie Star Wars-Wars Storm Trooper 8008 -try something unique

Episode II – Clone Attack (2002), the first clone trooper was cloned from bounty hunter Jango Fett and became an army of the Republic in the Clone Wars. In Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005), Prime Minister Palfaltin orders them to kill Jedi generals in the Jedi Purge and effectively create heavy rain.

After Palpatine completely replaced the clones with Imperial recruits and conscripts, the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps swelled in size, but replacing the clones with natural ones reduced the effectiveness of the Imperial soldiers. Once the empire is firmly stabilized and the Imperial Army and Navy are established, the storm pilot will be integrated into Palpatin’s private army and placed on the Imperial bases, cruisers and Death Stars.

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As established in The Force Awakens (2015) after the death of Palestine, storm pilots continue to serve under factions breaking up with the empire. With redesigned armor, they eventually serve under primary leadership. The number of storm pilots unpublished in the First Order is kidnapped by young children. The Stormtrooper FN-2187, later known as Finn, is planning to escape when it is reprogrammed due to its resistance to this conditioning. [6] Ray’s goggles were also based on cleaned storm pilot lenses.

The upcoming streaming series Mandalorian will portray the storm pilot as a freelance mercenary after the fall of the empire.

Star Wars Legends media such as games and cartoons have a number of special storm pilot devices. Shadow Troopers appeared in the cartoons produced by Marvel in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Other experts included commandos and cavalry equipped to operate in the vacuum of outer space, such as the 1991 novel Star Wars: Heir to the Empire and the Zero Horse Comics adaptation in 1995, a weightless astronaut taking part in additional vehicle combat. 

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