LEGO Star Wars 7155 Trade Federation ATT

7155 Trade Federation ATT - it's here


The lego star wars trade federation aat 7155 is a Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace set released in 2000. It is a model after the Trade Federation’s Armored Assault Tank from the movie. Two Battle Droid minifigures are included.


Lego star wars trade federation aat with new update

The AAT trade federation is primarily made up of gray, beige and brown parts, with various hidden blue components throughout the model. The base of the AAT is semicircular, with brown stripes on the back and beige that make up the bulk of the rest.


 The oval marks are depicted on the front of the semicircle, which means shell energy launchers, used in Episode 1 against the Gungans. 


Five athletic AAT laser cannons, two above the highest point of the semicircle, one in the middle connected to the cockpit, and two in the “arm” exiting the vehicle’s body. 


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 A battle droid in the off position can fit inside the lid with the lid closed. The blasters of the two drug fights included were stored in the back of the vehicle, and the second droid was integrated into the body, behind only two smaller laser cannons.

 Lego 7155 in the instructions,lego 7155 are two complex models that appear, one speeding and the other vehicle similar to a rear Gungan Sub. This is the first version of an AAT. the second is a Star Wars: Clone Wars set, the Armored Assault Tank (AAT), released in 2009. 

This set can be rebuilt into two separate models: a large glider or a smaller tank. As usual, the first one is a picture of the box. It has great CGI effects including lasers and explosions, very similar to box art today. I love the little icon in the upper right corner. I hope Lego starts adding them to box art. As I have no original box here is people.

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What else you should know about it

 Firing out of the Star Wars Episode I’m the scary AAT aa one of my mega personal pastors. I couldn’t find it on the Zellers’ mega shelf I knew I needed it. 

After saving for it I finally brought it home to find out my Jedi. Right now Lego will be making two versions of this tank. Arguing that the newer is bigger and perhaps more detailed, the first rendering is also a force to be reckoned with.

Name: Trade Federation AAT


Subject: Star Wars Episode I


Set Number: 7155


Mega Pieces: 158


Release Year: 2000


Mega Minifigure: 2


The armored assault tank is a military reconnaissance aircraft created by the Baktoid Armor Workshop and used primarily by the trade federation and later by separate troops. 


During the invasion of the Naboo trade federation, the AATs were deployed to capture the surface and also saw action in the Naboo battle against Gungan’s troops. 


The AATs are armed with heavy laser guns, as well as laser detonators, anti-personnel detonators and projectile launchers.No one wants to face it with his staff when both fighters are ready for battle! Its heavy rifle protects it from fire – all five laser guns and six shell launchers deliver maximum damage! Create your own battle scenes outside of Star Wars: Episode I.


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Smart Minifig, we only get two common drugs in battle. One to act as a pilot, the other as the gunner. I think a set like this should have at least one more minifig, either a Naboo guard or another battle droid that fits the bill well.


The combat drugs were armed with two megaphone blocks. I always thought these two blasters were stronger than the other blasters because the standard one through a plate was replaced by a larger cone. The gunner also gets a pair of binoculars unfortunately, he can’t use them.


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Unfortunately, the view behind the set is not nearly as impressive as the façade, especially because it is out of space on the blue brick. Is it really hard to replace them with a few pieces of black or brown?


The printed part of the door is made to be easily removed so you can place the battle droid in and out. Aside from the internal controls (I assume the pilots will simply connect to the AAT), there are some big cracks to the side.


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